And on to the next project

For my next project, I’m creating a skinny infinity scarf for my sister. I’ll be honest- I’m cheating. I’m going to sew the ends of the scarf together to make the infinity loop. I did get circular needles for christmas, so the next goal I have is to learn to knit in the round. However, I had already started this scarf on straight needles, so I am just continuing on with it.


I have to admit, I’m loving my interchangeable needles. I love that when I’m not knitting, I can let the row rest on the cable. I love that I can have a smaller space to knit in, versus what I had to have when I was using my longer straight needles. I love that they are pretty colours (yup, I’m one of those!). And most of all, I love that my mom bought them for me. It might sound sappy, but quite often, I have things for the “right now” not for the “long term”, and I feel like knitting needles, if taken care of, can be a long term thing that I can use with my children, and my children’s children…

Since I’m not going to get much else done today, I think I’ll turn off my computer and get back to knitting.

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