Row counter

I have a confession to make: I actually own a row counter. My nana had one in her knitting kit and I have inherited it. However, because of my sentimental side, I have hung it from my rear view mirror in my car, and love having it there as my motivation, and like a guardian angel looking out for me. I can’t use it for my own knitting. So I will eventually purchase my own.
Right now, I have a different method of counting rows. I have either a little paper beside me where I cross my rows off, or if I’m somewhere where I don’t have my paper, I keep track by naming the rows after hockey or football players jersey numbers! For example, I’m currently on Daniel Sedin (22). Earlier today I was on Ryan Kesler (17). Last night, I ended on Tom Brady (12). I’m ridiculous, I know. But it sure works for me!!
Happy knitting!!!

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