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This is not knitting related but I need to vent.
Last night my husband and I had friends over for dinner and a Christmas gift exchange. I thought it would be fun.

My husband decided he would make the main dish, and I let him do all of the work. My only request was that he put the dish in the oven before 630 (our guests were arriving at 630, and the dish takes an hour to cook). Needless to say, it didn’t happen and he forgot a key ingredient. When I pointed these things out, he got mad at me for pointing fingers, and I walked out of the kitchen.

Later, after dinner, I was still eating, and others were finished. He was also finished eating. He was then mad at me for not cleaning up. He also was mad when I suggested we rearrange the chairs to face the tree rather than moving the presents into the centre of the living room.

Obviously, we weren’t on the same page last night. This morning he tells me how angry he was at me for not cleaning up, and for pointing fingers at him when he messed up.

I agree with him, on some levels, I should have helped clean up after eating. I should have not made him feel bad for goofing up the meal. However, I was quite drunk, and wasn’t thinking clearly. My mind reading skills were a bit diminished and I didn’t pick up on his non-existent cues that he wanted me to clean up. I haven’t drank alcohol in probably close to 3 months and three drinks was more than enough to knock me off my A-game.

Anyway. Now I’m mad at him for being mad at me. Childish yes. But at the same time, that’s how I’m feeling and I needed to vent.