Winning at the Infinity Scarf

I’m happy about my scarf project!! It’s coming along very well! I have finished the third repeat, and I’m thinking I might need to do one extra repeat but we’ll see.

I’m a little nervous about the Kitchener stitch I have to do to end the scarf; I probably should have read the fine print first: the creator of the pattern very clearly said to be comfortable with the Kitchener before trying it on the scarf or to just do a regular cast on, but I’m not that smart!! I think I’ll try Kitchener on a smaller pattern to see how to do it. I watched a great YouTube video on how to do it, but doing it on a sample swatch versus on a scarf I’ve put hours upon hours into is probably a much smarter option! That being said, I have this terrible habit of being super amazing at something the first time I do it, and then goofing up on it subsequent times (snowboarding is the perfect example of this!!!).


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