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Knitting Etiquette

I have had a run of bad luck with my car lately- the most recent in a series of trips to the mechanic is due to my clutch giving out (needless to say, driving up a hill on a dark and rainy night and having your clutch fail is not the most preferred situation to be experienced!!!). My car has been out of commission since Saturday night. So, today I had to bus to and from work. Although it’s a somewhat short and straightforward bus ride, I managed to get some serious knitting done!

It started me thinking– what is knitting etiquette? Is there such a thing? What are the appropriate times to whip out your knitting and go to? I think that knitting while in transit (on a bus, or as a passenger in a car) is perfectly acceptable. I guess most other bus patrons agree; no one even batted an eye at me and my knitting.

Other places I enjoy knitting:

  • Coffee shops
  • Lunch break at work
  • Waiting in long lines
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Watching hockey/football
  • Restaurants (when dining by myself)
  • Any type of transit where I am not driving

Places I avoid knitting:

  • Meetings
  • When (non-knitting) friends are over
  • Restaurants (when dining with others)
  • Live sporting events

Are there any places that are absolutley no knitting zones for you? Or designated knitting times and spaces?


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