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My Very Knitty Christmas

What a Christmas!

I spent the 23rd and 24th with my husband’s family. Unfortunately I didn’t get her scarf done, so I had to keep knitting– in front of her. It was okay– and I ended up finishing the scarf right before we had to leave! I think it looked great on her, and I hope she likes it as much as I do!

My mom also managed to surprize me with a gift I was not expecting. She gave me a gift that I didn’t think I would ever get, and one that frankly, I didn’t know existed. She gave me my grandmother’s knitting needles. I don’t think I’ve ever received a Christmas gift that has made me cry like that before. Completely blindsided! I haven’t decided how to best honor these needles yet, but I will.

She also got me a gorgeous set of acrylic interchangeable needles, and I really like the way they knit! They’re taking a bit to get used to, but I really like them!

I hope everyone had a really fabulous Christmas!

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My Christmas Wish list

Since it’s coming up to Christmas, I thought I’d make my wish list for knitting supplies!

  1. Nickel Plated Knit Picks Circular Knitting Set

  2. Wool of the Andes Bulky Yarn in Porcini
  3. Addi Turbo Click Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

    *Note: I haven’t decided which set I want, so I’m putting them both on my list for the time being
  4. A set of crochet hooks

    *Note: I’m not ready to take on crocheting yet, but I’ve found how handy they come in for projects! In particular, making tassels on the edge of scarves!
  5. A cute notions bag
  6. Speed Queen Bag

There we have it! My knitting wish list! What’s on your knitting Christmas wish list?

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