Throwers versus Pickers

I mentioned in my knitting story post that when I first sat down to knit, I got very discouraged and was not able to figure out the technique. I started trying to learn continental style. I couldn’t get it.
English style was a lot easier for me to understand. I have done a bit of searching and English style knitters are also called “throwers”. I’m guessing this is due to the style of “throwing” the yarn over the needle.

Continental knitters are called “pickers”, due to the picking of the string with the needle.

When I talked to some experienced knitters, many of them told me there was no right or wrong way to choose a style, it’s more about what feels right for the person. The advantage of Continental is that it tends to be a lot quicker; the world record holder for number of stitches in a minute (118 for those keeping track) uses continental style. The advantage of English style is that it does tend to be a bit easier to learn, because there is one less thing to consider (how to hold the yarn).

I would eventually like to learn Continental style; now that I’m more comfortable with the stitches I think I could probably do it, but I also don’t want to risk goofing up on my current project as it’s a Christmas gift.

Pickers and throwers, throwers and Pickers! I think I need a t-shirt that says “I’m a thrower”! 😉

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