My tools

I thought I’d make a little post about my knitting tools so far. When I first walked into Baaad Anna’s, I thought “Oh, I’ll buy a pair of 10mm needles and I’ll be set”. Need(le)less to say, I was so far off it wasn’t even funny.

Within a week, I had returned for a pair of 8mm’s.
Two weeks later, 6mm’s.

I actually asked the staff “Is it normal to have more than one set of needles?”

She kindly replied “Oh of course! I have over 40 sets!”

This has made me much happier, because I am nothing if not a shopper! A few years ago when I took up scrapbooking, I bought a new supply every pay check (and sometimes more than one) and was so excited when I finally bought myself a Big Shot. I have never regretted that.  Now, as I take up knitting, I am looking at getting a set of needles, but am debating between acrylics, bamboo, and metal. My gut instinct says “Go with the metal ones!” while my logical side says “Acrylic might be the best of all worlds”. I’m also debating between the Addi Click set and the Knit Picks set.

Currently, I own:

  • A 10mm Pony plastic pair
  • A 8mm Pony plastic pair
  • A 6mm Clover bamboo pair
  • A 6mm Boyer metal pair

I have tried the Boyer circular 6mms, but the cable was stiff hard plastic, and wouldn’t untwist itself. I returned them the day after I bought them. To be perfectly honest, I bought the Clover and Boyer sets at Michaels. I bought them so that I could test out the materials without investing a large amount. The Clover bamboo needles are very sticky, and are probably okay if you tend to drop stitches- unfortunately, they also fell like you’re knitting with chopsticks. The Boyer metals pair are…better. But they are actually very similar to my Pony plastic pair in terms of stickiness/slipperiness. Also, because they are painted metal, the paint is probably going to flake off relatively easily.

I have also bought a set of cable hooks, and after chatting with the ever so amazing and ever so helpful staff at Baaad Anna’s, they recommended as a new cable knitter, I try using the cable needles with a kink in them, to make losing the stitches virtually impossible.


So at this point, these are the supplies I have amassed. I will update as I buy (or receive!) more. I have put a needle set on my Christmas wish list, but whether or not I’ll get that for Christmas is yet to be determined.

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