This is a story of the girl who knits

Slowly but surely, I will knit.

I don’t expect to be perfect, nor do I expect this to be my life’s work, but I do want to learn what I’m doing.

My knitting so far…

  • I’ve learned to cast on with one needle
  • I’ve learned to cast on with two needles
  • I’ve learned to knit
  • I’ve learned to purl
  • I’ve learned stocking stitch
  • I’ve learned moss (seed) stitch
  • I’ve learned knit 2 purl 2
  • I’ve learned to cast off

So, I’m on my way. But like any new knitter, there are things I find intimidating. I am terribly afraid of yarn overs (yo) and sl (slip stitch). I have yet to attempt cable knit, though that doesn’t scare me- I just haven’t taken on a cable knit project yet.
As I comb through web tutorials and projects on ravelry, I find new things every day, and in a world where so much is chaotic, I am finding pleasure in the repetitive nature of knit purl knit purl knit purl.


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