How I learned to knit

This is probably a very common knitting story, er…but maybe not, considering the internet hasn’t been around that long.

When I was a kid, my nana taught me the basics. I’ll tell you know, it wasn’t a passion. I knit a few rows here and there, but that was it. I think I might have only learned how to do knit stitch, and not purl stitch. I don’t think I ever knit more than a scarf for my doll. That being said, my nana was a heck of a knitter. She knit us scarves, sweaters, slippers, etc. And she was good. She knit my dad a Cowichan sweater that I still have and still wear (super over-sized but amazingly gorgeous!).

Flashforward to a few months ago. I was trying to find that meditative activity, and as previously mentioned I went and got myself some knitting needles and some yarn. That evening, I was at a hotel for a conference the next day. I decided that I would watch some internet videos and would be an accomplished knitter by the end of the evening. Boy was I wrong.

I watched the videos on Continental knitting and English knitting. I watched the cast on videos, and the purl videos. I even thought I would be so accomplished that I should probably watch the cable knit videos. But it wasn’t to be.

I think I initially tried the Continental style, and the whole looping the thread around the hand thing, and picking the yarn through, Jack going through the window and jumping off…..this was NOT the meditative activity I wanted!!!! AHHHHH!

I ended up throwing everything back into my bag, and watching TV instead (I may have thrown the needles on the floor first). I felt like a hopeless failure. This was supposed to be easy!!!

The next day, I had some time to myself after the conference, and I started fiddling around on Pinterest. I had this brilliant idea to search Pinterest for knitting, and I’m so glad I did. I found Wool and the Gang, and their extremely helpful videos. Wool and the Gang use English style knitting, and the demo videos were slow paced for a beginner like me, and really helped me every step of the way. I started knitting, and learned my knit stitch. I was entirely pleased with myself.

Then I went back to Wool and the Gang and they taught me purl stitch! I started gaining confidence, and experimented with a knit 2 purl 2 pattern. It was pretty exciting for me to see my new skill develop into a real item of clothing that someone could wear!

Now, with the beginning knowledge I’ve gained from the Wool and the Gang videos, I am more confident with what I’m doing. I still go back to their videos, and I can watch other videos now that I am comfortable with the basics.

I guess this is my love note to Wool and the Gang ❤

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